Summit Landscapes – Block Paving & Resin Driveway

This was a sprawling 180m² driveway that was dual-surfaced to create a resin driveway and a block paving driveway over two sections.

Resin Driveway

For the resin driveway, the resin was mixed with an activator and mixed with the customer’s chosen shade of gravel. Once mixed, the resin bound mixture was spread over the area using trowels and regulated using aluminium copings to a thickness of 22mm for vehicular use and 12mm for pedestrian use.

Drains were installed at two points on the driveway. A large 3.7m wooden 5-bar gate was hung on new 1200mm gate posts.

Block Paving

We broke out the existing concrete driveway and excavating the entire area to a depth of 250mm. Next, we crushed and removed all of the waste concrete from the site.

For the block paved area, a base layer of MOT Type 1 aggregate was laid and compacted in layers along with a geotextile membrane. Sharp sand was screeded and compacted on top of the sub-base layer. 60mm thick blocks were then laid, pointed with kiln-dried sand and compacted to form the main part of the driveway.

We laid KL edging along both edges where the driveway meets the flower beds. The KL edging was used for the path to the house and was subsequently curved at the bottom end of the driveway to create a wider entrance from the road. The edging was installed with concrete haunching to eliminate any sideways movement.



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