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Block paving makes a huge first impression when approaching your home. Whether you have a modern home, a thatched cottage or a large Georgian townhouse, Summit Landscapes can design a hard surface that will complement and enhance the entrance to your home.

We use a huge range of natural and pre-cast materials for your block paving. Depending on the application or aesthetic, Summit Landscapes will be happy to recommend the most appropriate product for the job. Paved surfaces are also enhanced with kerbs and edgings and there are now over 1,200 products on the market to can choose from to give you a completely bespoke look.

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Block paving drives, by their very nature, need to be tougher and built to a higher specification than a path or patio. With vehicles tyres repeatedly wearing the same route and large forces involved, especially when larger heavier vehicles occupy the drive. To safeguard your block paved driveway for many years, we begin with an excellent foundation. Please see the specification section below detailing how a Summit driveway is made.

Used in areas of high flooding, permeable paving reduces surface runoff as water percolates through the blocks and down into the base layers. In some instances, this may be the only option to comply with planning permission.

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To install block paving, we first excavate to a depth of 225-235mm. This allows for the following layers that make up your drive using 50mm-60mm blocks (thicker block pavers are for commercial settings).

1) A geotextile membrane stops the substrate mixing with the second layer MOT Type 1.

2) Mot Type 1 makes up the foundations of the drive, compacted in two layers of 75mm and making a 150mm deep base.

3) 25mm layer of sharp sand.

4) 50-60mm paving blocks.

5) Finally, the drive must be sealed with three coats of drive seal. This locks kiln-dried sand into the joints of the block paving – stopping weeds, movement, algae and protecting against oil and other dirt.

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The edging stones are concreted into place with 200mm of concrete to the sides and beneath. The combined effect of strong foundations and properly installed block paving with edging stones result in a drive that cannot subside.

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