Large Garden Redesign

This large landscaping project in Potton, Cambridgeshire, was one of our biggest jobs to date; we moved and used hundreds of tonnes of materials and paved over 250m² of Indian Sandstone. As usual, we started with the mammoth job of excavating the large back garden and saw tonnes of spoil, waste and building debris removed from the site.

Working our way from the furthest part of the back garden, we dug out and built a double stone wall to efficiently control and direct the natural stream that runs from east to west through the middle of the garden, allowing the flowing water to become the main focal point of the garden.

The far bank of the garden on the other side of the stream was left as one large flower bed that we prepared with fresh, fertile top soil, ready for the client to plant as they wished. The nearside bank was turfed with fresh, lush grass and paved with beautiful Indian Sandstone to form three semicircular patios on different levels; the largest of which had a decorative balustrade and came straight from the back door, creating the rear patio from the house.

Pathways were also paved in Indian Sandstone on both sides of the house with border space for planting on either side of the paths. The paths ran round to the front of the house where they met a freshly-turfed banked front garden and a newly-laid block paved sloping driveway.