Summit Landscapes – Patio in Cambridge

Patio in Cambridge


  • – 23.5m2
  • – paving supplied by customer (please supply 26m2 so we have some spare)
  • – Lay paving on a continuous mortar mix. (1 part cement / 10 parts sharp sand. British standard)
  • – Paving will be pointed using resin and activator grout nexus V75-WT or
  • EasyJoint (We have run extensive tests on many pointing products and haveĀ  found these 2 to be amoung the best on the market)
  • – We give a 10 year warranty on our paving.
  • Mortar mixes will vary depending on paving selection.
  • Non porous paving such as Porcelain, slate and granite {lesser extent} will require admixtures such as SBR. {Styrene Butadiene Rubber} Supplemented to the mortar mix part replacing the water content. This will greatly increase the adhesive qualities of the mortar and reduces the susceptibility of frost by adding flexibility.