Summit Landscapes – Rainbow Sandstone Patio

We worked closely with our client on this Sandstone patio project in Cambridge. They had a very specific vision for this project, which was to create an attractive and low-maintenance outdoor area.

We dug out and removed approximately 50 tonnes of soil and clay from the garden to achieve the correct levels. We then installed concrete footings for the low wall, seating and retaining wall.

Sandstone Patio

The entire garden was paved in a random pattern with Indian Sandstone (a smooth-sawn rainbow stone).


Two drainage systems were installed to deal with various water issues in the winter. The first one was at sub-level which used perforated land drain and gravel trenches. The second one was a series of surface water ACO slot drains.

This type of drainage leaves only 10mm visible at surface level, making it a great choice for a more decorative, high-quality finish.


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