Large Garden Project

We were excited to begin work on this large Cambridge back garden as we were starting from a completely black canvas. After several design consultations with the client, the garden was separated into several different sections, including a large lawn, an ornamental tree area, a formal paved garden and a shrubbed area outside the back of the house.

Our first job was to remove the large, weedy lawn and then completely level the whole area. We created a divider between the formal section and the lawned area with a wooden trellis and a beautiful, sturdy archway/pergola.

We installed new flowerbeds with wooden edgings around a freshly gravelled walkway to create a formal section of the garden. This formal area also incorporated a large paved area with a water feature/birdbath. Solar-powered lights were placed strategically around the formal section, as well as new trees and smart-looking plants.

Clean, paved pathways joined each section and we constructed a large raised vegetable bed with railway sleepers at the far end of the lawn.

We were especially happy with the final outcome as we were able to use many different materials to tie the whole project together.