Timber Decking is very durable to work with so our team of expert carpenters can build to detailed briefs. Curves are possible, but straight lines will be quicker to construct and therefore keep the price of construction down.

Decking Options:

We work with a number of different materials that fall into three main categories: Softwood decking, Hardwood decking and Composite decking. As a rule of thumb, the hardwood and composite come out at a very similar price and are both far harder-wearing than the softwood options. These hardwood or composite installations will typically last 50% longer and look better than the softwood decks. They are, however, around 50% more expensive due to their excellent durability.
The composite is great when used as part of a contemporary design as it is very low-maintenance and its UV protection allows it to hold onto its colour perfectly for years.


Decking 2


Decking 3


Decking 4


Summit Landscapes can install decking into your garden with minimal disruption to the wider area. The ground underneath is treated with a weed killer and then a PVC membrane is laid down to further suppress any future weed or plant growth.
Many methods can be used for decking ‘ring beam’, for example eliminating the need for foundations altogether as the beams sit on a trench of gravel. This allows water to drain away from the wood and stop it rotting. In other cases where we want to anchor the deck in position, we use posts and spot foundations to eliminate sideways movement. On large decks and when constructed at a height where multiple supports are not possible, we sometimes construct the deck over a steel frame. This allows for structures that would not be possible when using timber by itself.

Installation Diagram:

Decking 5


Balustrades can be constructed on the sides and steps of the decking to act as a rail or stop fall hazards. We have constructed Balustrades from many materials, including metal, glass, rope and – obviously – wood!


We can advise on the most suitable timber and wood treatment solutions for your decking.
It is advised that your decking treated annually to replace natural oils taken by the elements -keeping your decking looking fantastic for longer.

Decking Photos

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