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Dropped Kerbs Cambridge

Dropped kerbs are a legal requirement for every driveway in the UK. They identify vehicle access to pedestrians and prevent damage to your vehicle suspension and steering when entering the driveway.

As an N.R.S.W. accredited company, Summit Landscapes can offer you a full and comprehensive service, as well as carrying out a survey to establish whether you qualify to have your kerb lowered or widened.

Contacting Councils

Summit Landscapes provide a full site report of underlying utilities and the opening of highway documents. Work can usually commence within four weeks providing the criteria are met. However, in some instances, applications take about four months when planning permission is required. Summit Landscapes can relieve you of all the stress and hassle by contacting the councils on your behalf and dealing directly with the Highways Agency.

Because specifications vary according to each council, details can be obtained upon request.

Please have a look at our recent dropped kerbs here.

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