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Summit Landscapes offer a wide selection of fencing and gates.

We have the advanced equipment to do the job quickly, making us cheaper and more dedicated to the task than our competitors. Summit Landscapes bought out a large fencing contractor in 2012 and we now have contracts with housing developers in the commercial, residential and equestrian sectors.

Fencing Machinery

This is a list of the different type of fencing Summit Landscapes install:

Ranch Fencing • Panel Fencing • Panel Fencing with concrete posts • Picket Fencing • Balustrade • Railings • Bollards • Wooden Steps / Stairs • Custom Fencing • Composite Fencing • Chainlink • Stock-Proof Fencing • Field Fencing • Hit and Miss Fencing • Security Fencing • Palisade Fencing up to 3m, with a selection of different finishes

When it comes to fencing materials, we educate our customers on the best materials and methods to use to make the most informed decisions. Spending an extra 10% on materials really can make the fence last many years longer. For example, when installing close board, close lap or feather edge (different names for the same fencing), we always use 4″ posts and 4″x2″ timbers for the rails because these last much longer than the standard 3″ rails.

Hardwood Feature Fence:

A hardwood feature fence is a great alternative to a standard fence and a fraction of the cost of brickwork.

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Equestrian Fencing:

Summit Landscapes get a lot of requests for equestrian and other animal fencing. Whether you need paddocks installing or just a small length of fencing to dog-proof the garden, we can help.

Fencing Cambridge 3

Stock-Proof Fencing:

Fencing Cambridge 4

Security Fencing:

Security is a big concern for any commercial premises. Summit Landscapes can install many types of security fencing, guarding against intruder access and acting as a deterrent to theft, vandalism and unwanted access. There are many fencing systems available with anti-climb properties and a huge choice of finials, depending on the level of security required.

Fencing Cambridge 5

Estate Fencing / Railings:

Fencing Cambridge 5

Types of gates installed by Summit Landscapes:

Close Board Gates • Five-Bar Gates • Garden Gates • Metal Gates • Automated Gates • Counterbalance and Sliding Gates • Kissing Gates

Hardwood Automated Gate:

Fencing Cambridge 6

We can automate your existing gates or manufacture new gates from scratch. If you would like a quotation for automation, please get in touch. We can discuss all your options, taking into consideration available space, materials and hazards. Your gates can be bought in or manufactured. Turn-around time is usually between 4-6 weeks.

Automated Sliding Gate:

Fencing Cambridge 7

Softwood Five-Bar Gate:

Fencing Cambridge 8

Fencing and Gates Photos

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