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Design Your Flower Garden

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Flower garden design is at the heart of every garden. Flowers and plants are the life and soul of the garden.

Your garden is unique, just like you are. Crafting your own outdoor space should be a joy — a labour of love.

Here you’ll find lots of ideas to get you started.

Container garden designs offer door-side flowers for all seasons. Place them on your Cambridge patio or any part of the garden to add colour and vibrancy.

We love potted flowers – they look great and can be instantly installed and easily moved. If you can’t wait to get to the nursery, design your container garden now.

Choose Flowers

Flower Ideas 1

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is finding the right plant encyclopaedia. Don’t just buy gardening software and assume it will have a list of plants that you’ll need, as you may be unable to source those plants.

Instead, visit some of your local nurseries and see if they have plant magazines to hand out. They usually have lots of plant pictures and various notes. These are a must-have if you are planting a large area or renovating your Cambridge landscape. These magazines show plants that will probably be available in your area, along with vital information about their growth, care and seasons.

While you’re at the nursery, male a note of any plants that stand out and take a camera. Are there some that you would love to use? Write them down and take a photo.

Site Conditions

Next, consider your site conditions. Are you going to plant in a very sunny area (more than 6 hours of sunshine per day)? What are your soil conditions? What are your constraints in terms of time, space and cost?

Planting a rain garden? Choose your rain garden plants carefully. They’ll need to be able to handle periodic soaking with dry periods in between.

Garden Style

Lastly, think about your garden style. Everything, including the plants, in your garden should fit the garden’s style. Maximum impact comes with careful planning.


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