Summit Landscapes – Garden Art

It’s Your Signature

Garden Art 1

Garden art is an ideal way to put your signature touch onto your landscape. Finding that one piece that is right for you is important – show it off!

Quick tips for garden art placement:

There are three basic kinds of placement for art: accent, focal point and hidden reveal.


Accents give the garden more texture, colour, and interest. This could be a unique birdbath or a rustic bench. The flower pots on your decking are also accents.

Focal Point

Focal points pieces that should wow you. Bold and beautiful, they’re the centre of attention. Too many focal points can make a garden look busy, so select only your favourites. Focal points make a statement.

Hidden Reveal

Don’t you love garden surprises? I love coming around a corner and finding something special, something tucked into a nook where you almost didn’t see it.

No matter what piece you choose, it should work with your landscaping. Know what style or feel you want in your landscape. Every detail should reinforce that feeling.

Placement Ideas

  • If you’ve got a large piece of art, make sure that it’s in the spotlight. Don’t place other focal points near it as they can distract from it
  • A wall or hedge makes a perfect backdrop for a beautiful piece of art
  • If it’s a focal point, it should be big enough to be easily seen. If the piece is smaller, consider putting it on a pedestal or plinth
  • Placing a larger art piece at the curve of a path beckons travellers
  • A polished stainless steel garden globe would really make a statement in a shallow pool. (I don’t know if they float, but I suddenly want to try this!) Also, think of how great a cluster of them would look nestled in a low groundcover. It would be a great way to bring light to a shady corner
  • Want kerb appeal? Make sure that your sculpture or art can be seen from the street or driveway

As you look at garden art for your garden, think about the space that you’ll be placing it in. It will make a huge difference in how it all turns out.