Summit Landscapes – Garden Design Ideas

Grab Your Sketch Book

Re-sketch garden design ideas that you love. We love formal, modern, contemporary Cambridge landscaping. When we can sketch them out, we see things we may not have done before.

If we can sketch them out, we see things we may not have done before. When we revisit some of our favourites, it’s difficult to realise just what their structure looks like; however, if we re-sketch them, we understand them better. It allows us to analyse their overall layout, the focal points, plants, etc.

Garden Design Idea 1

Shapes & Colours Come To Life

Sometimes plant shapes really stand out. If you go a step further and colour it in – voila! You’ll probably see other subtleties that initially eluded you. You may also find that you’re drawn to a certain colour palette.

Other times, you may find that the framework for a garden is different to what you’re used to. Does it frame the front door perfectly? Do you love the arch of the vine over the window?

Garden Design Ideas 2

Sketch, Learn, Sketch, Repeat as Needed

Sketching is like a mini-lesson from another point of view. Remember, your sketches are for you, so don’t worry about creating a masterpiece.

A sketchbook is a valuable tool for any designer. Ours have ideas regarding recycling, favourite ideas from magazines and whatever strikes us as beautiful or thought-provoking.

Sketching a garden plan view or elevation – even just tracing over a picture – creates a multitude of garden design ideas. What better way to know what you would love in your own garden?

Design your garden ideas with care and flare – they’re an extension of your home.