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Garden Structures Cambridge

A structure can draw the eye to an area of the garden to add another dimension and become a focal point. Summit Landscapes aims to offer our customers a complete landscaping service and provide any type of garden structure that you may want.

Fire Pits 

Fire pits are a great way for you and your family and friends to stay out in the garden late into the evening after the sun has gone down and it has got cold. Summit Landscapes excavate deep below our fire pits so that any rainwater drains away, leaving it perfect for the next time you use it.

Garden Fire pit

Gazebos & Seats

A seat or gazebo somewhere in the garden is an ideal place to grab a quiet moment away from a busy life; somewhere quiet to read or enjoy a drink.

Garden Gazebo and seats

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Areas

Summit Landscapes can create outdoor kitchens as extravagant or as basic as you like. They are perfect for al fresco dining and entertaining – from small installs of a fixed gas BBQ and countertop to outdoor kitchens. These can include all the appliances found in an indoor kitchen: fridge, beer fridge, freezer, three or four ring gas hob or electric, oven, pizza oven or a deep fat fryer.

We can include outdoor electricity sockets on the counter tops and ample storage beneath. We can also enclose or partially enclose your outdoor kitchen. The only limit is your imagination!

Outdoor Kitchen

Pergolas & Arbours 

Summit Landscapes have constructed pergolas from many materials other than just wood, including glass, concrete and metal tubing. Pergolas are great for adding shade to a sunny spot or creating a frame for hanging vines, fruit or flowers.

Garden Pergola

Pergolas can be installed over a seating area or a walkway, or can simply be used to form a screen to segment your garden. A pergola with a trellis at the back can separate your formal garden from a vegetable garden perfectly.

Arches & Walkways

Garden Arches


If you have found or already own a piece you love, Summit Landscapes can prepare the area and make sure your sculpture, statue, rock or structure is properly and safely installed.

Garden Sculptures

Feature Walls & Feature Fences

Feature walls look great and can be a bold, defining feature of your garden. Summit Landscapes can create some beautiful, imaginative effects; with creative garden lighting at night time, you can have the silhouette and shadows of leaves displayed against your feature wall. Fire pits in front of a feature wall also look great; with the flicker of the flames against the backdrop of the wall.

Feature walls

Outdoor Buildings, Carports, Sheds, Summerhouses & Playhouses

Summit Landscapes can construct outdoor buildings from scratch or from kits and we have a list of high-quality suppliers to recommend. Smaller sheds can be erected in a few hours and we can also lay solid and sturdy shed bases – these can therefore be slabbed or poured from concrete.

Garden sheds

If you are looking for a more bespoke garden structure, such as a garden office or studio, Summit Landscapes can provide that. Our team of expert carpenters are experienced in constructing all types of outdoor structures.

garden room

Bin Stores

Wheeliebins can be very unsightly, smelly and unhygienic. If you have young children or pets, this can be a concern with food waste and bacteria. Therefore, Summit Landscapes have a solution for this problem: we construct wheeliebin stores with hinged lids and doors.

Bin storage

Climbing Frames

Summit Landscapes build climbing frames as part of school playground projects. However, we also get asked to build them by private customers when landscaping Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Below is such a job constructed from a wooden frame with interchangeable attachments.

Climbing Frames

Compost Bins

Summit Landscapes can build structures such as compost bins for recycling green waste in a quiet corner of the garden. We construct these from many materials, including reclaimed timber. Simply fill the compost bin with biodegradable materials, such as food waste, used tea bags and leaves, etc. The following year, this matter can be used in the garden to put rich nutrients back into the soil.

Compost bins

Tree Houses

Summit Landscapes are often asked to build tree houses for our customers. Our designers absolutely relish these opportunities because they are so fun to design. Schedule a design visit today to find out more about a tree house for your kids.

Tree Houses

Vegetable Walls

Vegetable walls or green walls are very novel garden structures and a fun way of growing fruit and vegetables. They are an ideal solution for smaller gardens because of their upright design and excellent use of space.

Vegetable walls

Wood Stores

Wood stores are very simple to construct. They are built from timber and provide you with a dry place to season wood ready for the winter and that lovely open fire. Summit Landscapes can also easily construct coal bunkers.

Wood Storage

Please have a look at some of our recent garden structure jobs, including pergolas, gazebos, wood stores and sculptures here.

Garden Structures Photos

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