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Transform Your Outdoor Space With Our Landscaping Design Ideas

If you’re looking for fresh garden landscaping ideas, it’s important to start with the essentials, like layout and mood. Build on your ideas with structures, patios and special features. Finally, the finishing touches will pull everything together.

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Whenever we’re in a design consultation, we walk through the garden space with our client and discuss our ideas. When it’s time to pull all of these ideas into a design, we start with the layout. There’s no sense talking about a huge patio addition if it won’t fit, right?

If you’re looking at the basics on your own, we recommend you start with some simple graph paper. Take the basic measurements and make an initial sketch.

Once your layout is on the page, consider functionality, convenience and your garden furniture.

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Mood and style put the emotion into your garden. When you find gardens that really get you excited, ask yourself why? Was it the inviting, cosy firepit? The feeling of luxury? The mystique that reminds you of your last tropical adventure?

Get inspiration and garden landscaping ideas from your ideal spaces: cut out pictures that you love from magazines or save images in a folder from lovely garden design websites – Pinterest is a great place to start! Keep all of these resources close to hand when you’re forming your garden landscaping ideas.


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Structures in your outdoor space serve many functions. The deck could be a place for entertaining, relaxing or al fresco dining; the shed stores garden tools; the fence screens the view of the road or keeps the dog in your garden; multi-level decks make a long stair seem less of a trek.

Consider what you want your structures to do regarding function and you may find that it’s easier to plan them. Screening, storage or even providing intimate spaces can be created with structures.

What do you want to do in your outdoor space? A fire pit is a fun and romantic way to get family and friends together in the garden all year round – even after the sun has gone down.

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Back garden paving Cambridge landscaping ideas often begin with the patio. Requiring little maintenance, these permanent garden additions provide an affordable and stylish space for the family to enjoy. Here are some quick thoughts:

Here are some quick thoughts:

Use your furniture to make sure your patio won’t be too small. If you’ll be grilling on your patio, grab your BBQ too. It’s important to get the most practical application from your patio.

After you’ve worked out size and location of your patio, you can start getting creative. Have you thought about bench walls? Short, free-standing block walls are great around a patio; they give a sense of enclosure and, in a snap, can function as seating. Retaining walls can raise your patio to new heights and multiple levels can add depth to any garden. If you’re on a hill, you probably know that you’ll be needing retaining walls to get the most out of your garden, so design them well.

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Plants can function as structures in the garden; creating walls and screening views. They can also serve as artwork to make the every day more beautiful.

In Cambridgeshire, we need to plan our plants for every season. Above all, winter often gets overlooked. When summer is here, who wants to think about winter? When winter comes and the right plants are still brightening your garden, it’ll be well worth it.

Finishing Touches

Hard landscaping (patios and garden structures) are something we plan and plan, as they’re important additions to a garden. However, when it comes to the finishing touches of a design, it’s important not to rush. garden furniture makes sure it not only functions well but also matches the mood and overall feel of your garden. We’ve seen perfectly beautiful gardens compromised by unsuitable furniture.

Artwork puts your personal stamp on your garden. If you choose each piece carefully and consider where it will be placed, you’ll get the most out of it.

Pottery of the right colour, shape and size are also great features. Are your outdoor pieces clashing with your garden? Do they get overlooked because they’re too small? Be daring and go bold!

Beautiful garden spaces are a functional work of art; they’re where you live and laugh with family and friends. They’re not just an extension of your home, but of your personality – so plan them well.


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