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Summit Landscapes take lawns very seriously. A lawn is usually the main focal point of a garden and we want yours to look thick, green and lush. We can revitalise your existing lawn with seeding and some T.L.C., or we can strip it, level it, and lay down a brand new lawn using fresh turf. We offer many different lawn services to suit every budget.



Summit Landscapes can dig up and remove your old problematic lawn, prepare and perfectly level the area and lay fresh beautiful, lush new turf.

Once you have a beautiful new lawn, we can supply you with a list of dos and don’ts to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

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Artificial Grass

If you want to eliminate maintenance to your garden exterior of your home then artificial grass is the ideal solution. Artificial grass has developed hugely in recent years to resemble a range extremely realistic grasses. Why not order some samples from us to see for yourself just how realistic they are?

Artificial grass can be installed over paving, concrete or any existing hard surface and are completely safe for children and pets. If you are replacing an existing lawn then we have to prepare the area by excavating the soil and putting down a membrane. An underlay is then installed and the artificial grass laid over the top. Special sand is then brushed into the turf to make it stand upright.

No more weeds. No more mowing. No dry patches. No mushroom circles or mole hills. Just a perfect lawn all year round!

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Seeding a lawn can be a cost-effective alternative to turfing and is a service we are happy to provide. However, seeding requires a lot of preparation, time, patience and care compared to the instant pleasing results of turfing.

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