Summit Landscapes – Luxury Development Landscaping Project

Commercial Landscaping

Summit Landscapes carry out a lot of large commercial landscaping projects, such as this one in Barton, Cambridgeshire. We managed the construction of two new feature gardens as part of a spectacular, luxury property development.

Golden gravel was laid to create large five/six-car driveways to the front of the contemporary properties. Consequently, both of the gravel driveways lead to clean, blue/grey granite paved entrances at the front of each property.

Elegant Paving

Clean and minimal blue/grey paving was laid on the outdoor entertaining areas. This elegant paving was chosen because it perfectly complemented the contemporary architecture of the building.

The gardens already benefitted from several mature trees, alongside which we strategically planted beech hedging, pleached hornbeam, taxus domes, ferns and perennials. Retaining walls were constructed to contain raised, south and west-facing lawns; placed to capture afternoon and evening sunshine. Blue/grey granite steps, pathways, paved terraces and sweeping graveled sections beautifully divided the freshly turfed lawns.

Irrigation & Lighting

An automatic irrigation system was installed throughout the grounds because it was decided that the garden should be low-maintenance.

Three fully-controllable tranquility pools to the side of one of the two properties were also constructed.

Finally, Summit landscapes finished the job by installing discrete, intelligent, controllable outdoor lighting which illuminates gradually as the natural light fades.


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