Summit Landscapes – Paving, Composite Decking & Planting Beds

This client had a large U-shaped garden and driveway that stretched right around their house. They wanted to completely transform the garden into an open tranquil space that they could relax in.

The main feature of the garden was to be a grey composite decking that held comfortable garden furniture with a large hanging parasol for shade. The composite decking was bordered by a steel edging that is designed to rust naturally over time. This area was to be used for entertaining family and friends, al fresco dining and relaxing in the warm sun.

The driveway was laid with fresh, golden gravel, which stretched all the way around the entire front and side of the house, creating an attractive, low maintenance path.

An alternate dining/relaxing area was created by paving a new patio outside the French windows to the living room. A new lawn was also laid using lush, fresh turf.

Uplights were installed at several points throughout the garden with electric cables buried discreetly in the ground.

For the large borders around the perimeter of the garden and either side of the path to the side of the house, we dug out and prepared fresh planting beds using nutrient-rich soil with a tree bark topping, before planting a huge array of suitable plants and flowers.


73m² Paving
– Excavated area using digger
– Altered levels allowing for run off
– Laid 75mm compacted limestone base
– Laid paving on 25-40mm continuous mortar mix

Gravel Path 106
– Geotextile Gravel Grid membrane system laid to improve stability and suppress weed growth
– Gravel spread over a compacted base of 20mm limestone

19m² Composite Decking
– Cleared and excavated area as required to install the frame
– Removed all waste from site
– Laid geotextile membrane to eliminate weeds
– Constructed sub-frame from treated 150mm x 50mm timber
– Levelled frame to allow falls for water runoff
– Attached composite deck boards with hidden fixings to the sub-frame

Metal Edging 
– Welded into place with 150mm separation of paths and borders
– Steel will rust over time

– Removed existing lawn using a turf cutter and excavator
– Graded area level
– Raked surface to prepare for turf
– Laid new turf and compacted

– All garden lighting installed by a certified electrician
– Installed five uplights around trees
– Installed controller switch in house

– Selection and setting out on site by one of our expert plantsmen

– Huge range of plants and flowers, including:

Euonymous, Lythrum, Phlox, Salvia Amistad, Penstemon white bedder, Antirrhinum Pretty in Pink, Hebe, Mahonia Charity, Elaeagnus Ebingii, Viburnum Tinus, Aucuba Japonica, Stipa Tenuissima, Festuca glauca, Nandina Domestica, Bergenia cordifolia purpurea, Hakenochloa Macra, Hosta, Sedum, Hebe Red Edge, Ligularia Desdemona, Digitalis (Foxglove), Cornus Elegantissima, Agapanthus Africanus, Festuca glauca, Stipa Tenuissima, Geranium, Hebe, Hakenochloa Macra, Lysimachia Punctata, Carex Ice Dance, Phygelius, Erysimum Bowles Mauve, Erysimum Super Bowl Sunset, Alchemis Mollis, Nandina Domestica and Erysimum Red Jep.

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