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Paving Cambridge

A patio is an essential part of any usable and functional garden space. Whether you are using it for entertaining, relaxing or al fresco dining, style and function are built into every one of our patios. We believe in building our patios to the absolute highest standard so all our paved surfaces lasts a lifetime.


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Summit Landscapes’ Three Stages

The three construction stages that set Summit Landscapes apart from other less-reliable paving companies when laying a patio are as follows:

1) We properly prepare a base of deep foundations with or without a geotextile membrane (depending on the local soil). This eliminates any subsidence of the slabs.

2) We mix a solid mortar to use beneath the slabs to binds them in place; this stops all movement and any unsightly rings or watermarks that may appear on porous materials, such as sandstone or limestone.

3) Finally, we point the slabs using a high-strength epoxy resin-based mix and hardener. This means no weeds will grow between the slabs as gaps form and soil settles.

Summit Landscapes are paving experts and we urge you not to accept anything less than the above. We also recommend sealing your Cambridge paving against the elements by using a product like Drive Seal straight after the paving has been pointed. This will keep the patio looking new for longer. We charge £3.50/m² for this service.

Please have a look at some of our recently completed Cambridge paving projects here.


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