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Planting Schemes

One of the hardest things in effective garden design is putting together great planting schemes. Very few people have the knowledge or skill to do this and regularly we see customers opt to do this part of their landscaping project themselves to keep costs down – often with disastrous results.

planting schemes

Our garden designers have been working with plants in Cambridge for many years and therefore not only know which plants will do well in sun and shade, but also how large each plant will grow as they mature; allowing the correct spacing between plants. If the garden is too full to begin with, all the plants will be invading one another’s space later on.

Summit Landscapes are here on hand to explain everything to you, so you can make an informed choice. We can put planting schemes together offering all year round colour and interest. It’s all very well to have a firework show a couple of months a year, so we try to add interest with plants and climbers, flowering very late and early in the seasons.

When you think of colour, flowers immediately come to mind, but there is a vast amount and huge impact that can be achieved using foliage, variegated leaves and colourful plants. These plants can add structure to the garden or soften areas where a patio or other hard landscaping has been installed.

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