Summit Landscapes – Resin Bound Gravel Carpark

This clean resin bound gravel carpark was laid as part of a large new build housing development in Royston.

Formpave Water Storage System

For the main area of the carpark, we excavated to a depth of 700mm to install the Formpave water storage system under the surface of the resin bound gravel.

The Formpave system works by channeling all rainwater runoff from guttering on the roofs and on the ground, through the permeable resin bound gravel and into the clean, loose aggregate underneath. The aggregate can collect and hold up to 25,000 litres of water and takes an average of 24 hours to feed this water into the local drainage system, relieving pressure to the local drains and sewers.

Local councils are increasingly insisting on the use of the Formpave on new developments due to its efficiency. As a result, Summit Landscapes have become adept at using the Formpave water drainage system.


As well as laying the clean, permeable resin bound gravel for the driveway and roadway of the carpark, we used standard block paving for the carpark spaces and also paved pathways and gardens to the back and side of each new build property.

This large-scale commercial project took six weeks to complete.

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Architectural CGI visualisation


Architectural CGI visualisation


During construction