Sunken Trampoline, Shed Base & Bark Mulch

Summit Landscapes was called to this client’s property in Sawston for a small landscaping project. The client wanted us to transform a small section of their garden to place a new shed and also create a sunken trampoline for their young children to play on.

Sunken trampolines are becoming increasingly popular with safety-conscious parents because they run flush to the ground, meaning if a child falls off it they have several feet less to fall, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

Sunken Trampoline

– Excavation of spoil 150mm deep for the entire area
– Extra 200mm excavated for trampoline and increased air movement
– Removed all waste from site
– Geotextile membrane laid to suppress further weed growth
– Trampoline installed
– Two bulk bags of high-quality bark mulch were spread across area

Shed Base

– Poured concrete foundation
– Laid concrete slabs 5x8ft for concrete base