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Water Features Cambridge

It’s fantastic when a garden can evoke all of your senses – and the sound of running water has been proven to create relaxation and tranquillity. Water features can be created in so many different styles, from simple pebble pools to large feature waterfalls or cascades. Our expert garden designers are on hand to help you explore all your possibilities. Maybe you have seen a specific water feature that you want to recreate in your garden? Summit Landscapes can help.

Wall-Mounted Water Feature

This water feature was installed as part of a large landscaping project. We created a courtyard garden with a brick and copper feature wall with a wall-mounted water feature. These features are great because they are very inexpensive to install. The water is simply recirculated from the base using a pump hidden behind the wall. This feature will really come into its own once the surrounding planting has matured.

Water features 2

Fish Pond

Summit Landscapes installed this pond in Newmarket. There was only narrow access through a passage, so no heavy equipment could be brought in. Instead of using a digger, we dug the pond by hand over three days. The pond measures 6ft deep x 6ft wide x 12 ft long. We incorporated shallows and planting shelves for different tiers of planting to add more colour and interest and planted watercress on a shallow cobble beach.

The idea of the pond was to attract wildlife to the garden. A marginal boggy area was planted at the rear of the pond to allow for more diverse aquatic planting.

We installed a large filter and UV system to maintain water clarity. All controls for the filter and pump were completely hidden from sight beneath the decking, which opened into a seating/viewing area. The deck also protruded over the water to offer shelter to the fish.

Water Features 3

Rockpool and Cascade 

Summit Landscapes installed this cascading rockery as part of a large landscaping project in Cambourne. It will really come into its own once the surrounding wildflowers take over on the rockery.

Water features 4

School Dipping Pond

This pond had already been installed behind a fenced off area of a school playground before we started this project. Summit Landscapes were called in to make the area usable while maintaining the pond’s functionality as a dipping pond for the school curriculum during biology classes.

We decked over 40% of the pond, which helped stop the water becoming stagnant and added a small pump to begin circulating the water. We also installed a large metal grid on steel so it could also be used during playtime and a large locked hatch that opens up to be used for dipping.

Water features 5

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